Dr. Vidwan Vedashrava Sharma

Vamsha Vaidhya Award Winner

Category: Vamsha Bhushan

The Journey of Sasya sanjeevini Panchakarma Center


Past 3 generations practiced in the home. From 4th generation we started Panchakarma Hospital and Yoga center since 2011. Nadi Pareeksha, Single drug therap & Formulations knowledge transformed from generations to generation. Now we expanded all the branches we had before. That is Hospital, Herbal Garden,Kayakalpa,Temple, Yoga shala , Yaga shala , Goshala & Ashram.

Details of Ancestors

Generations of Vaidhyas

65 Years of practising

Brahmarshi Daivarata sharma &
Smt. Shradhadevi

Recognitions & Awards

Vedavachaspati Title in B.H.U

45 Years of practising

Vedamurty. Somashrava Sharma

Recognitions & Awards


55+ Years of practising

Vidwan Vedashrava Sharma
12+ Years of practising

Dr.Patanjali Sharma &
Dr.Soumyashree Sharma

Educational Qualification
Dr.Patanjali Sharma -
 BAMS , M.S(C&P), YIC.
Dr.Soumyashree Sharma - BAMS. MD (Panchakarma)

The Vision statement of Institution


Give best possible treatment and result for each and every patient.

A Memory that's etched deeply in the journey


Wounderfull results in Panchakarma.

Torch Bearer

Lots of work and effort required.

Your inspiration to choose Ayurveda

To continue the tradition of practice.

Few words about your Guru

My Father Vaidya Vedashrava Sharma.

Personal Vision

Globalisation of Ayurveda.

Message to Youngsters

Adopt ayurveda, Stay with Nature.

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