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Vamsha Vaidhya Award Winner

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The Journey of  Saptashrung Ayurvediy Chikitsalay


In our family of Lavgankar Vaidyas, the ancient tradition providing Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment has been practiced over many generations now. The 1668 edition of the classic Sanskrit textbook “Yogaratnakar” on Ayurveda mentions that the oldest edition of this text was found to be in the possession of one “Vaidya Harbhatta Lavgankar”. This establishes that the tradition of Ayurvedic practice has been in our family at least for 400 years, and it continues through this day.

Our family hails from the town of “Vaidya Lavgan” near the city of Jaigad in Ratnagiri district of Konkan in the state of Maharashtra. Because every house in this town had at least one Vaidya, the town was named “Vaidya Lavgan”.

The speciality of Lavgankar Vaidyas has been diagnosis by Naadi-pariksha, followed by treatment of particularly difficult-to-treat ailments and diseases. It is because of this fame that had spread far and wide, the Peshwas invited Vaidya Daji Bhatt Lavgankar to Pune who subsequently established his practice there.

Son of Vaidya Daji Bhatt, Vaidya Narayan Bhatt, and after Vaidya Narayan Bhatt, his son Bal Shastri, carried the tradition of Ayurveda practice forward. Bal Shastri became such a well-known Vaidya of the nineteenth century due to his Nadi-pariksha based on diagnosis and treatment that he was honoured with the title of “Pranacharya”. His students, Vaidya Ganesh Shastri Joshi, Vaidya Purushottam Shastri Nanal, Vaidya Hirlekar and many others gained fame and continued the tradition of Ayurvedic practice in each of their respective families. The significance of Vaidya Bal Shastri Lavgankar’s work, impact and eminence is reflected in the special award that Vaidya Khadiwale Vaidyak Samshodhan Foundation periodically announces in his name.

Even in the period of waning interest in Ayurveda after passing away of Vaidya Bal Shastri, Vaidya Bapusaheb alias Laxman Balwant and Vaidya Dattatreya Balwant alias Kakasaheb Lavgankar carried on the family tradition through excellent treatment that they provided: Vaidya Bapusaheb via his mastery over herbal medicines and Vaidya Kakasaheb via his expertise on formulated Rasaushadhi.

After these two stalwarts, Vaidya Purushottam Laxman alias Balasaheb Lavgankar continued the tradition of Ayurvedic treatment and integrated it with Yoga treatment. For this purpose he founded the “Yoga Vidyabhyas” institution in Pune. It was through the guidance of this institution that Nootan Marathi Vidyalay School won the award for Suryanamaskar competition for thirteen straight years.

Our Nana alias Vaidya Chandrakant Dattatreya Lavgankar carried forward the tradition after Balasaheb till date. Because he grew up in the dual tradition of Ayurveda and Yoga, it can be said that they became a part of his identity, and his lifelong contribution in these two fields has been very impactful.

Nana studied Ayurveda ever since he was in the 8th standard. He passed his University examination in Ayurveda with the first rank!

Owing to the range of his contributions in the various fields, he was associated with, he has received many awards among which are:

  • Maharshi Annasaheb Patwardhan Vaidyakeeya Puraskar, 2011
  • Sharngadhar Pharmacy’s Punyavaidya Puraskar, 2011
  • Jeevan-gaurav Puraskar for his work in the field of yoga, 2011

After Vaidya Chandrakant Lavgankar, his son Vaidya Laxman, daughter in law Vaidya Gargi followed his path in Ayurved tradition. Sukhada, daughter of Vaidya Chandrakant and Mrs. Lalita took the responsibility of Ayurvedic medical shop ‘Paurnima’.

Details of Ancestors

Generations of Vaidhyas

17th Century

Vd.Harbhatta Lavgankar
18th Century

Vedmurti Vd.Dajibhatta Lavgankar
18th Century

Vd.Narayan Bhatta Lavgankar
19th Century

Vd.Pranacharya Balwant Narayan Lavgankar

Recognitions & Awards

1]Panchakarma award by Vd.Khadiwale Vaidyak Samshodhan Samsthan Pune for last 30 years
2] In Tilak Ayurved College for Graduation topper students
Started Gurukul Lavgankar Ayurved Vidyalaya - few of his Students are–
1) Vd.Purushottam G. Nanal (Founder TAMV,Pune)
2) Vd.Harishastri Sane (Founder Ashtang Ayurved College,Pune)
3) Vd.Ganesh Shastri Joshi (Founder Ayurvediya Aushadhi Bhandar)
4) Vd.Hirlekar (Amravati
5) Vd.Pasarnikar

20th Century

Vd.Dattatreya Balwant Lavgankar

Recognitions & Awards

At BSDT Ayurvedic College,Wagholi,  Students Topper in Rasashastra

20th Century

Vd.Laxman Balwant Lavgankar
1945 to 1977

Vd.Purushottam Laxman Lavgankar (Balasaheb)
1965 to 2010

Vd.Chandrakant Dattatreya Lavgankar (Nanasaheb)

Recognitions & Awards

Yashasvi Yuva Vaidya Award by Vd.Lavgankar Parivar and Leadgen Ayurvedics Pvt. Ltd.

2004 - Till date

Vd.Laxman Chandrakant Lavgankar

The Vision statement of Institution


To establish Ayurved as a Pradhan Chikitsa Paddhati – आयुर्वेदोपदेशेषु विधेय: परमादर : |

A Memory that's etched deeply in the journey


In the beginning of this journey, one turning point came when relatives of one patient with pittapraadhan sannipatik jwar called me for visit and I treated her well and she became a pioneer who referred many patients who came in contact with her. Another memory with a case of infertility helped me to establish well in the practice with Ayurvedic siddhantas. Approval of License of Ledgen Ayurvvedics will always remain as a booster in my memory.

Torch Bearer

As a Clinician – Principle based ayurvedic nidan and chikitsa, arishta vidnyan, nadi pariksha, evidence based – documentation.
As an Academician – To promote more and more students towards Ayurved in all fields.
As a Manufacturer – To prepare authentic and standardized medicines at affordable cost.
As a Researcher – To establish fundamental principles for clinical aspects in Ayurved through evidence based studies.

Your inspiration to choose Ayurveda

My guru – Vaidya Nana Lavgankar is my inspiration to start treating different cases: Infertility, Renal Failure, General Practice, COVID – Emergencies (ICU Patients)

Few words about your Guru

  • Vaidya Chandrakant Lavgankar (Father) – Not only Vaidya but one who lived Ayurved in his full life.
  • All our Samhitas (Traditional Ayurvedic Texts)
  • All Ayurvedic Traditions
  • All Vaidyas, Academicians and Ayurved students


Personal Vision

  • To make Ayurved global
  • To build an Ayurvedic Hospital IPD (with NABH Accreditation)
  • To work in each field of Ayurveda authentically:
    • As a Clinician
    • As an Academician
    • As a Manufacturer
    • As a Researcher

Message to Youngsters

Believe in the Ayurvedic science which is ancient, yet theoretically and practically eternal. Apply it to maintain your personal health and use it well to improve the health of society.

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