Dr.Supreeth Joyal Lobo

Vamsha Vaidhya Award Winner

Category: Vamsha Bhushan

The Journey of Balli Ayur Grama


The Balli property is densely vegetated for several centuries with more than 800 species of identified and tagged trees. The Balli family has been known to be living here at least for the last five generations. This breathtakingly beautiful slice of an ecologically strategic tropical rain forest is part of the famous Western Ghats in southern India. Balli must have been a natural, intuitive and more than poetic choice for a family name, we believe, considering what you see all around you is trees and a galore of creepers reaching out to the heavens. Balli in the local language Kannada means a vine or a creeper. Etymology of the word can be traced back to the word Valli in Sanskrit language meaning the same. Apparently the Balli logo is also inspired by the idea of a tendril in a vine. You might have noticed that a tendril reaches out to find support for sustenance and growth for the plant – quietly and intuitively. Similarly, Balli Ayur Grama is one place where all can reach out and seek support for a sustainable, healthy and flourishing life ahead.
Dr Supreeth remembers his grandmother, herself a healer who practiced for close to 60 years, had devised some secret recipes which he now inherits. Tracking the forest paths in their backyard along with his grandmother, Dr Supreeth grew up discovering the magical world of herbs and healing.
My great grandfather was very close to nature and mother earth. He found a solution to every sickness in the lap of mother earth. Both cared for each other because at that time one could hardly find any hospital in the town. People had to walk miles to find a Vaidya. It took a lot of energy and time consumption; that is why they found in nature itself the best solution and turned to nature for every sickness.
Today, he is rightfully passing on this invaluable tradition to his 9 and 4 -year-old sons who are already familiar with a lot of the plants and trees in their forest-like backyard.

Details of Ancestors

Generations of Vaidhyas

Balli - Uppinangady

Shri Salvadore Lobo
60 years of practise
Balli - Uppinangady

Shrimati Jertrude Lobo


Mouth ulcers,
Intestinal worms

50 years of practise
Balli - Uppinangady

Sister Therese Lobo


Heat boils, Wounds


Dr. Supreeth Joyal Lobo


Heat boils, Wounds

The Vision statement of Institution


To be a Centre of Excellence for Shuddha Ayurveda and to offer comprehensive, complete and holistic health to the aspirants.

A Memory that's etched deeply in the journey


When I was a 15 year old boy, I was part of an academic tour to Delhi from our school. While returning, I developed severe low back ache. Once I reached home my grandmother gave me Ksheerapaka of Kapila cow milk with Eranda and Kurunthotti roots with Jeera. The pain vanished in seconds!

Torch Bearer

The construction of Ayurveda hospitals must be done according to Vaastu Shastra, rather than building them like an allopathy hospital.

Your inspiration to choose Ayurveda

My grandmother and my botany teacher Kayyara Prasanna Rai.

Few words about your Guru

  1. Dr Mukul Patel, Vice Chancellor, Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar.
  2. Dr Prasanna N. Rao, Principal, SDM college of Ayurveda, Hassan.
  3. Dr Ravi Narayana Acharya, DG, CCRAS.

Personal Vision

Ayurveda must be the first treatment option.

Message to Youngsters

One does not become successful by copying things; create your own world. Definitely you will be successful in Ayurveda. This is my thought and experience.

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