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The Journey of K S Varier’s Ashtanga Ayurvedics (Pvt.) Ltd.


The legacy of Ashtanga’s Ayurvedic Heritage dates back to the 1820s as far as has been traced. The oldest known member was a Palace physician to the Rulers of Kodungallore Kovilakam (a small kingdom near Trichur in Kerala, India).  His name was Vaidyan Easwara Varier. He was an expert in Sanskrit, Astrology and Ayurveda. An unquestioned authority, he was very powerful and had a big say with the Rulers. His was considered the last word whenever anybody fell ill.  He passed away in the late 1800s when he had crossed the age of 90.  He was the grand uncle of our Founder, Aryavaidyan K S Varier.  

During his last days, to continue the legacy, he educated his nephew, Sri Krishna Varier, who later became the Palace physician. Krishna Varier was again an unquestioned authority with the Palace inmates and the public of Kodungallore. He had learnt Ayurveda, Astrology and Sanskrit from the very eminent Vaidyan Easwara Varier himself. He formulated many different medicines out of the vast experience gained. Sri Krishna Varier died at the age of 97 in 1983.  

Vaidyan Krishna Varier was the eldest brother of our Founder. Another brother Vaidyan Achutha Varier was also a Physician who studied Sanskrit, Astrology and Ayurveda. He also learnt Tharka and Vyakarana or Logic. He was more academic and also joined his brother Vaidyan Krishna Varier in Kodungallore. Towards the end of the tenure of Krishna Varier as Palace physician, the Rulers decided to abolish the post of the Palace physician. So Vaidyan Achutha Varier could not inherit the honour. He later turned to Sanskrit literature. He has written some unique works in Sanskrit, one of which has been selected as the text for Post Graduate students of Fine Arts in Kerala Kalamandalam.  

The third brother was Aryavaidyan K S Varier, our Founder. He was primarily educated in Sanskrit, Tharka, and Vyakarana. He also had the opportunity to learn from both the elder brothers. He later joined the Paatashala at Kottakkal under the Doyen of Ayurveda – Vaidyaratnam P S Varier of Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal, Kerala, India. He completed his four and a half year course in Ayurveda in 1933 and came to Trichy in 1936 to establish Ashtanga Ayurveda Sala.  During the intermediate three years, he learnt Astrology too.

Details of Ancestors

Generations of Vaidhyas


Punditharajan Thrikovil Ulthra Varier



Recognitions & Awards

Royal Palace Physician

1820s - 1880s

Vaidyan Easwara Varier


Vata vyadhis

Recognitions & Awards

Royal Physician to the Royalty in Kodugallur Palace

1880s - 1940s

Vaidyan Krishna Varier


Vata vyadhis

Recognitions & Awards

Royal Physician to the Royalty in Kodugallur Palace


Panangattu Krishna Varier


Vata vyadhis


1936 - 1988

Arya Vaidyan K.S.Varier


Pashu Ayurveda, Arbuda Chikitsa

1940s - 1970s
Kodungallore, Kochi

Vaidyan Achyutha Varier


Pashu Ayurveda


Arya Vaidyan S.Varier


General Medicine, Vatavyadi, Agni vikaras

1940 - 1995

Arya Vaidyan K.V. Rama Varier


General Medicine

1951 - 1995
Kottakkal, Palakkad, Coimbatore, Chennai

Arya Vaidyan T.R.R. Varier


Agni Vikaras, Vata Vyadhis

1971 - Present
Trichy, Thanjavur, Kumbakonam



Vatavyadhis, Agnivikaras

1976 - Present



Vatavyadhis, Agnivikaras

1977 - Present

Dr.T.S.Madhavan kutty


Vatavyadhis, Agnivikaras

1992 - Present

Dr.Manoj Varier


General Medicine

1994 - Present

Dr. Manju Varier


Govt Practice

1993 - Present

Dr.Veena Manoj


General Medicine

About Ancestors


Aryavaidyan K.S.Varier
Our Founder

Late Kattukulath Soolapani Varier, our Founder, was born in 1907 in a family of very humble background in a remote village named Kattukulam in Palakkad District, Kerala.  He had a lineage to Ayurveda in that his uncles were well known in their profession as palace physicians at Kodungallore. 

 He completed his systematic education in Sanskrit and then pursued his academic quest in Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is the Science of Life, perpetuating healthy living and natural medicines for the sick.  He joined the Paatashala at Kottakkal, Kerala, under the Doyen of Ayurveda, Vaidyaratnam P.S.Varier.  Sri P.S.Varier had started an Institution by name ARYA VAIDYA SALA in 1902 in Kottakkal, a small village in North Kerala.  He had started a Paatashala also to give education to the seekers of Ayurveda.  After a rigorous study under his Mentor, and with his blessings, K.S.Varier completed his course in 1933, and decided to settle in Tiruchirapalli.  He came to Trichy in 1933.

Aryavaidyan K.S.Varier had a very humble beginning and on 18th October 1936, started ASHTANGA AYURVEDA SALA as a small house-hold unit.  He started manufacturing medicines for his own practice, in his home.  Being highly self-disciplined, his preparations underwent strict quality checks.  He married Sreedevi Varasyar, his aunt’s daughter and she became his strength all his life.  She helped him in his manufacturing activities and supported him. His factory grew slowly from his kitchen to a small unit with 8 workers and large gunmetal vessels to prepare his medicines.  He started manufacturing and storing the medicines meticulously as prescribed in the various Ayurvedic texts.  He also developed his own special preparations, borne out of his valuable experience, in treating a large number of patients. 

He was also known to treat animals.  

He had a very strong commitment for service.  So he never ever collected FEES in his career spanning 52 years of curing.  He never had the desire to accumulate wealth and invested all that he earned in educating and serving his near and dear and those associated with him.

A  persona  of  humility  and  an  epitome  of  venerability,  Aryavaidyan K.S.Varier passed  away,  at  84,  on  March  10th, 1990.  He left behind, his strong sense of SERVICE and the discipline he nurtured, for his sons to carry forward.  The small unit started in a very humble way is now has steam-processing units in the factory.  Today, ASHTANGA, the dream of Aryavaidyan K.S.Varier, is a reality and serves more and more people, continuing its humble cause.

Smt.Sreedevi Varasyar

Sreedevi Varasyar, an unassuming lady from a very humble background. Although she was not formally educated much, she proved to be a good organizer. She was the strength behind her husband throughout his life. Married at the age of 12, she started helping in the manufacture of medicines as early as when she was just 14. She also had a strong Ayurvedic lineage. She was blessed with an uncanny sense of intuition with regard to symptoms and diseases and this skill was honed with years of direct experience in assisting her husband. She passed away in 2011 at the age of 86.

Her grand uncle, Vaidyan Rama Varier was an acknowledged Physician. He lived between 1820 and 1920. He was known to treat even animals, especially elephants. His two nephews were Physicians too. Of these, one nephew, Vaidyan Rama Varier was a student of Thaikkattu Moos, yet another doyen of Ayurveda in Kerala. He later began teaching Ayurveda to the children of the Mooss family and became the force behind the renowned organization Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala. The other nephew Vaidyan Achutha Varier, also a physician, died early. Two of his grand nephews, Aryavaidyan Govinda Varier and Aryavaidyan S.Varier were Physicians. Aryavaidyan S.Varier was the Chief Physician of Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal for more than 50 years.

After K.S.Varier

K.S.Varier’s two sons, Dr. T.V.Narayana Varier and Vaidyan Dr. T.V.Raman Varier also qualified in Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine from the Kottakkal College and started practice with their father.  Today they manage the Clinics.  

The fourth generation has joined Ashtanga this year. Dr. Girish S. Varier completed his BAMS and Post Graduation MS in Ophthalmology from SDM College of Ayurveda, Hassan.  

Dr. Syam, son of Dr. T.V.N Varier, has completed BAMS and is expected to join Ashtanga shortly. 

The legacy continues.

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The Vision statement of Institution


Ashtanga visualizes a healthy society adopting Ayurvedic living concepts, free from lifestyle related ailments.

A Memory that's etched deeply in the journey


During the 1970s, the temple elephant of the Rockfort Temple, Trichy was diagnosed as having cancer and the veterinarians expressed their inability to treat the mammoth. The mahout was very unhappy and sought Aryavaidyan K S Varier for help as a last resort.  K S Varier assessed the situation and prescribed certain medicines.  All these medicines were then administered by him directly through food. He used to feed the mammoth daily for six months along with the medicines. To the surprise of all, the elephant lived a comfortable life for over 2 and half years and died thereafter due to some other problem.

Torch Bearer

A great responsibility rests on my shoulder today, of maintaining the high standards already set by my illustrious ancestors. I have to multiply the greatness in the coming years.

Your inspiration to choose Ayurveda

My father had always taken me to the factory and the herbal garden right from the age of 5 years. The urge to show to the world, the greatness of this system infused with the thirst for knowledge keeps me entwined to the science of life.

Few words about your Guru

  • Dr.Prasanna N Rao, Principal, S D M College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Hassan
  • Dr. Ashwini M J, Dept. of Shalakya Tantra, S D M College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Hassan
  • Dr. Amarnath H K, Dept. of Shalakya Tantra, S D M College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Hassan
  • Dr. Abhijith H N, Dept. of Shalakya Tantra, S D M College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Hassan
  • Dr. Deeraj B C, Dept. of Shalakya Tantra, S
  • D M College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Hassan
  • Dr. Gururaj A Bhat, Dept. of Shalakya Tantra, S D M College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Hassan
  • Dr. Kavitha M B, Dept. of Swastha Vrutta, S D M College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Hassan
  • Dr. Savitha H P, Dept. of Manasa Roga, S D M College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Hassan

Personal Vision

To bring forth the awareness of health and living healthy without falling ill, through lifestyle and dietetics and not just by using medicine. Medicine should be the last option, awareness being the first step for this change to happen.

Message to Youngsters

Health need not be a struggle. We just need to start listening to our body. Ayurveda is the science of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Join the science to fight the crusade against illness through wellness.

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