Dr.Swathi G shet

Vamsha Vaidhya Award Winner

Category: Vamshodaya

The Journey of Dr.Swathi G shet


During my BAMS second year, I started going to few Ayurveda clinics and modern hospitals and started my journey from there. I worked for more than 10 hospitals and gathered variety of practical knowledge tips. During my internship, I started to learn cosmetology and commenced my practise in cosmetology along with preparing customised products. In the year 2022, I started reaching out handmade products, both online and offline, to students all over India. At present, I am working as the Medical Officer at Government District Hospital, Udupi and also as a specialist in the field of Ayurveda cosmetology in different Ayurveda clinics and hospitals.

Details of Ancestors

Generations of Vaidhyas


LG Raikar


He was practicing folklore medicine at his home town

Dr. Swathi G Shet

The Vision statement


My vision is to develop the Ayurveda cosmetology field with more research.

A Memory that's etched deeply in the journey


LG Raiker (my grandfather) always used to tell me that once I complete your BAMS, he would teach me secrets of folklore practice. He did teach me a few folklore medicines that he used during practic

Torch Bearer

I feel proud to get inspired myself and also inspire others to learn and adopt Ayurveda.

Your inspiration to choose Ayurveda

I was a topper in Sanskrit since my school days. Therefore, I initially thought Ayurveda shlokas would be very easy to understand, but that was not the case. In my young age, I used to see my grandfather as well as my friend’s grandfather practising treatment with herbs. My parents used to enquire from them regarding various home remedies. All this made me more interested in the science of Ayurveda. During my mother’s pregnancy, the Ayurvedic Pandit used to give her lehya and other herbal treatments. This again attracted me towards Ayurveda. 

After BAMS, as I was very interested to gain a deeper learning into tis science, I chose Roganidana as the subject for my MD. I then pursued a few speciality degrees in cosmetology, aroma, diet nutrition, health education, brand development, cosmetic formulations, panchakarma, etc.

Personal Vision

To develop Ayurveda in the field of personal care – Ayurveda beauty.

Message to Youngsters

I would like to tell youngsters to have patience in studying medicine. Not everyone can learn the whole of Ayurveda, but you can choose a few specialities and master it. Rather than thinking of money making, start looking at the case, analysing the case, observe the doctor, how she/he is dealing with patients of different categories, the mentality, health issues, etc. with lot of patience.

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