Dr.Suresh Kumar Ramnarayan Sharma

Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan Private Limited.

The Journey of Arya Vaidhya Sala


RUMINATION: Born and brought up in patriotic environment and amidst freeom fighting movements; Pandit Ramnarayan Sharma a humble youth and a sanskrit scholar from Kansli Rajasthan was about to open a school in his own native place Kansli. His dream was to impart quality education to the downtrodden section of the society.  However, taking into consideration the prevailing overall health conditions in the society, his elder brother Shri Ramdayal Sharma advised him to pursue ‘Ayurveds.’ Obeying his advise, Pandit Ramnarayan Sharma completed his graduation – ‘Ayurved Mahamohpadhyay’ with flying colours. The whole idea was to promote ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines.  


THE HUMBLE BEGINNING: He started a small ayurvedic clinic in Kansli. Not satisfied with the limited scope and quality of the services he was rendering locally; he took a bold decision to settle down in Baidyanath Dham for practicing ayurveda and manufacturing ayurvedic medicines on commercial basis. The business started growing by leaps and bounds and soon Shri Shivkaran Sharma joined him. Shri Shivkaran Sharma handled commercial side of the business. Working for a ‘Swadeshi’ cause in the colonnial era was not an easy task. However, Pandit Ramnarayan Sharma with his indomitable determinance successfully developed Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan as a household name in the vicinity. 

SHIFTING TO CALCUTTA: The motto was to provide quality medicines at cheaper rates to the public at large. Baidyanath Dhaam was too small to handle the large scale operations. Hence, it was decided to shift the central office to Calcutta. This apt and strategic decision enabled the management to convert its concept into reality. In short span of time Baidyanath Calcutta became manufacturing hub of Ayurvedic medicines.

From the inception itself Baidyanath Bhawan was dedicated to the cause of improvement of health conditions in India. Baidyanath Bhawan opened its pro bono pharmacies and thereby dispensed quality medicines to the poor and needy. 

OUTBURST OF MALARIA: Pandit Ramnarayan Sharma was an entrepreneur with a heart of an Ayurvedic vaidya. The outburst of malaria in the eastern part of the country compelled him to carry out in depth research to eradicate this deadly decease. This led to the birth of a revolutionary medicine ‘PRANADA’ which proved to be a boon in the crusade against malaria.  PRANADA was a turning point in the journey of Baidyanath Bhawan and the political fraternity started noticing the painstaking efforts put in by Pandit Ramnarayan Sharma. 

CHALLENGES DURING 2nd WORLD WAR: Calcutta operations were at the peak and the business was expanding. Unfortunately, during 1940’s the second world-war began, which led to political uncertainty and labour problems, since Britishers were forcefully recruiting the youth in the allied armed forces. Pt. Ramanaryan Sharma, while extending all possible support to the Indian National Congress, sensed that if Calcutta collapses, then baidyanath Bhawan an establishment of national importance will also cease to exist. Hence, he decided to start tow more units from Patna and Jhansi in UP. By this time, Baidyanath imprinted its footprints in entire north India.

PAN INDIA EXPANSION: Within a span of 25 years the sapling planted in the year 1917, became a full-fledged business empire by the end of 1941. In order to serve the society on Pan India basis, 4th unit of Baidyanath Bhawan was opened in Nagpur during the year 1942 to cover the Central and South India. During the year 1947, Baidyanath Bhawan was incorporated as a private limited company encompassing the length and breadth of India and became a synonym for Ayurveda As such.


  • Establishment of educational institutions & Trusts:
  1. 1928 – established first school in Kansli, Rajasthan;
  2. 1948 – Jada Devi Kanya Pathshala;
  3. 1954 – proactively participated in the establishment of ‘Bundelkhand Degree College” and extended financial support;
  4. 1979 – Establishment of Vaidya Ramnarayan Sharma Ayurved Research Trust- for undertaking, supporting, conducting scientific research of in Ayurveda. 
  5. 1988 – Gyarsidevi Charitable Trust for granting financial assistance to educational institutions, hostels etc.
  • Search of Ayurvedic herbs:

Various study excursions were carried out by the Group for almost 50 years from 1930 to 1980 across various geographical areas of northern India and published various books defining various herbs in a scientific manner. 

  • Organizing workshops, seminars:

In order to create awareness amongst the public at large and the research scholars in particular, Baidyanath Group used to organize various workshops, seminars for propagating Ayurveda on large scale and across various geographical locations in India. 

  • Baidyanath Publications:

The Group has to its credit a complete range of publications right from herbs to ailments and their remedies. Sachitra Ayurveda is one of the most commended publications within Ayurveda fraternity.   

  • Felicitation of Ayurveda scholars:

Every year, Vaidya Ramnarayan Sharma Ayurved Research Trust used to felicitate Ayurvedic scholar having commendable contribution to Ayurveda at the hands of Honourable President of India. This comprises of cash prize of Rs. 1.50 Lakhs and an idol of Lord Dhanwantari carved in silver. 

  • Research Laboratory: 

Recently, the Nagpur faction of the Baidyanath Group has contructed a state of the art research laboratory dedicated to the research & development work related to Go-vigyan. The Company has expended an amount of Rs. 75.00 Lakhs and handedover the laboratory to Govigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Devlapar a well knwon institution in Central India extensively working on the science related to cow. 

Over the last century, Baidyanath Group has really transformed into a huge conglomerate hosting diversified business ventures ranging from renewable energy to hospitality with Ayurveda at its heart. 

Details of Ancestors

Generations of Vaidhyas

1921 to 1980’s
Baidyanth Dhaam, Calcutta

Pandit Ramnarayan Sharma

A Memory that's etched deeply in the journey


from the time when I was a youngling, my father’s guru Shri. Pandit Maniram Sharma had just returned from teerthyatra and was staying at our place. When I went to his room, I saw that my father was massaging his guru’s feet. I was deeply aware of my father’s reverance towards his guru so the sight was no surprise for me. But what moved me from within was the fact that unknowingly, I had started massaging his feet too. That is when I realised that ‘Sanskars’ are not necessarily tangibly handed over, they can be imbibed in a very invisible way.

Torch Bearer

 Having witnessed the sea change the world has undergone over the decades, I can certainly say that this is the best time for Ayurveda to flourish and grow. R&D in Ayurveda with the help of information technology can bring a revolution for further propagation of Ayurveda on a large scale.  

Your inspiration to choose Ayurveda

I inherited the rich legacy of Ayurveda from my visionary father. Ayurveda gave me a chance to serve the society at large in a ‘Swadeshi’ manner. Hence, Ayurveda was my first choice over the other career opportunities.  


Few words about your Guru

I inherited the rich legacy of Ayurveda from my visionary father. Ayurveda gave me a chance to serve the society at large in a ‘Swadeshi’ manner. Hence, Ayurveda was my first choice over the other career opportunities.  


Personal Vision

To contribute to Ayruveda in as much possible ways as I can and to encourage, inspire the young generation to plunge in and explore the ocean of opportunities in Ayurveda. 

Message to Youngsters

 We are blessed to have been borne in a country which has got the rich legacy of Ayurveda. This 5000 years old science still stands good in the present time too. I would love the youth of today to take the baton of preserving our country’s rich Ayurvedic legacy with a sense of responsibility and care the people of my generation were committed to. I would like the youth of today to have a strong belief in their core values and the courage to pursue what they believe in. I would also urge youngsters to not be afraid of working hard, as, it will unfailingly reap them good rewards.

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