Dr.Pankaj Pathak

Vamsha Vaidhya Award Winner

Category: Vamsha Bhushan

The Journey of Arya Vaidhya Sala


The journey started in 1937 (before the Independence of India) by my grandfather, Pandit Jamunadeen Pathak. He had learnt the medicinal uses of various herbs from his mother right from early childhood. He started treating needy persons at a very young age. He was an agriculturist but his selfless devotion to serve society made him to treat hundreds of villagers every day free of cost. He transferred all his knowledge to my father, Vaidya Shyam Krishna Pathak. To make him recognized Vaidya, he admitted him to the state Ayurveda College, Lucknow to pursue his BAMS degree in 1968 and started practicing Ayurveda in his village @ Uttar Pradesh. His better half Smt. Suman Pathak too had supported him throught out her life. In the year 1979 he got central government job as medical officer at New Delhi. After his retirement (in 2004), he established Dr. Pathak clinic at Dwarka, New Delhi. Later the clinc his transformed into DR. PATHAK HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRE at Dwarka, New Delhi which is now managed by his elder son, Vaidya vanish Pathak, BAMS, MS. Vaidya Shyam Krishna Pathak has four siblings Vaidya Avnish Pathak, Vaidya Pankaj Pathak and Madhu Pathak and Aradhna (The third generation of Vaidyas).

Details of Ancestors

Generations of Vaidhyas

Badaun, Uttar Pradesh

Pandit Jamunadeen Pathak


Traditional healer

New Delhi

Vaidya Shyam Krishna Pathak


General Physician

Recognitions & Awards

Ayurveda Ratna Award, Bhishak Uttamam award, Grameena Seva Award and so on.

2007 till now
New Delhi, Mysore

Vaidya Professor Pankaj Pathak


Samhita based Practise

Recognitions & Awards

National Young scientist Award,

The Vision statement of Institution


To serve the society and uplift the Ayurveda with evidence based practice.

A Memory that's etched deeply in the journey


Tough time when my parents were struggling to give us all comforts but still he was treating patients without charging a single rupee. He was the Real Hero who gave importance to moral values. Even during covid pandemic, he was successfully treating the patients with Ayurveda medicines. He did not close his clinic and used to see the patient almost the whole day and night. At last, he himself got infected with covid and left this world in April, 2021.

Torch Bearer

I should live up to the dream of my father. He used to say “Serve Ayurveda and serve the society”

Your inspiration to choose Ayurveda

The legacy of my grandfather then my father made me to join ayurveda. I joined ayurveda by choice not by force.

Few words about your Guru

Dr. Anjaneya Murthy, Dr. Mahesh Vyas

Personal Vision

  1. To validate the concept of Ayurveda with Modern research tools
  2. To make youngsters to understand Ayurveda as a holistic medicine not just a BAMS degree.

Message to Youngsters

Learn Ayurveda, live ayurveda and Practice Ayurveda

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