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Vamsha Vaidhya Award Winner

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The Journey of Sri Surya Ayurveda Nilayam


When Shri Palanki Suryanarayana Murthy joined Annavaram Devasthanam as its chief physician, he had only one dream in his heart. To establish an authentic, Ayurvedic pharmacy and to serve the needy. Annavaram is a village in the Ratnagiri hill range of Eastern Ghats, which has an abundance of herbs, in their fresh and purest form. And that’s how a 94 years old Sri Surya Ayurveda Nilayam (SAN), took off. Later he relocated to Pithapuram, where the current set up of SAN is established over a two-acre campus.

Though he had no formal training in manufacturing, his passion in this science led him to create new formulations. He was the first one to introduce Ayurvedic tablets, in 1935, with natural ingredients and no excipients. Our tablets are manufactured using these special ingredients till date.  SAN never uses chemical ingredients for tabletting.

 Dr. Murthy was awarded with Gold Kankans and medals for successfully treating epileptic, jaundice and nephritis patients. Visha Vaidhyam was his another forte. The east coast of Andhra had lots of poisonous insect bite cases reporting. He developed “vishamani” in varying strengths to treat snake bites, centipedes and scorpion bite symptoms, especially to treat poor patients free of cost. He was recognized by the Pithapuram Raja for his work.

Details of Ancestors

Generations of Vaidhyas


Dr. Palanki Narayanamurthy


Paediatric specialities

Recognitions & Awards

A well respected doctor in the vicinity

Annavaram, Pithapuram

Dr.Palanki Suryanarayana Murthy


Epilepsy, Jaundice, Visha vaidhya

Recognitions & Awards

 1.Andhra Rashtriya Ayurveda mandal , Samarlakota awarded gold medal
for showcasing exceptional manufacturing skills “Utthama Oushada pradarsanam” in 1948.

2.Gold medal by Patnala Ranga murthy, Gollaprolu, for efficient work of garbha rakshana.

3. Two gold kankanas were given for successfully managing epileptic cases. (Details not known)

1955- till date
Aduthurai ,Pithapuram

Dr.Palanki Sitharamaiah


Psoriasis and Vitiligo

Recognitions & Awards

1.“Deseeya Vaidya sangham, Rajhamundry awarded “ Ayurveda Abhivruddhi dheeksha kankanam” in 1997. Also conferred the title.

2.“ Vaidya Vachaspathi “ on him.

3.Utthama Ayurveda oushada nirmanam to Sri Surya Ayurveda Nilayam, by Deseeya Vaidya sangham, Feb 1997 Rajhamundry.

1992- till date
Chennai, Pithapuram

Dr.Shanti Vijeyapall


Bone disorders and PCOD.Also the chief consultant of Herbzalive, Chain of Ayurvedic centres in Chennai, hyderabad and Singapore

Recognitions & Awards

  1. Best outgoing student (Topper) 1990-91.

  2. International speaker and presented papers in all the three AYUSH international conferences in Singapore and first international conference in AYUSH at Dubai,
    Numerous article series in tamil magazines like kalki, Kumudam, mangayar malar.

  3. Many programs on Youtube digital channels of Vikatan and kumudam.
    Wellness adviser to the prestigious QUADRATYX (https://quadratyx.com/) group, (q wellness Hyderabad
2021- till date

Dr.Dheekshitha Jonnagaddala

Recognitions & Awards

1.  Ms.kalasri, (excellence in arts events), Sri Sri Ayurveda college of science and research Bangalore.

2. Ms.Sri Sri, (Best outgoing student )2019-2020, Sri Sri Ayurveda college of science and research Bangalore. State 13 th rank in university exams 2019-2020

The Vision statement of Institution


We, at Sri Surya Ayurveda Nilayam (SAN), always believe in comprehensive approach to health! Ayurvedic system understands the individual as a complex combination of five elements capable of being brought into harmony. We are committed to enhancing positivity and wellbeing in individuals, the environment, and the global community.  Our medicines are the foundation for our beliefs. SAN is standing tall, all these years, because of its policy of excellence in quality manufacturing through decades (Tharatharaaluga tharagani nanyatha). No compromise, at any point of time.

A Memory that's etched deeply in the journey


My grandfather, was a Lalithopasi and he used to wake up at bhramma muhurtha, to do Lalitha upasana and pen down his thoughts on medicinal formulations. He used to sit hours in meditation and come up with new ideas. He spent hours in trying to extract sathva from different plant ashes, to create the tablet base for our proprietary products.

Torch Bearer

As an experienced Ayurvedic doctor, I feel quality medicines are the need of the hour. An excellent diagnosis, cooperative patients and attenders will not yield results unless the medicines are effective. I sincerely feel it is my responsibility as the head of a giant organization, to continue to deliver quality medicines, in the midst of challenging situations, as it had been done by my earlier generations.

Your inspiration to choose Ayurveda

Starting from my great grandfather to my father, their interest and passion in what they were doing is a huge inspiration. My father studied both Allopathy and Ayurveda system of medicines, got his fountain of knowledge from Siddha books and came up with innovative ways to prepare bhasmams and sindoorams. With his understanding of both the systems, he came up with an excellent formulation using bhallathaka thailam capsule for Psoriasis. We are doing clinical trials with the help of a senior dermatologist, Dr. Ramani Oleti (MD, Madras Medical college) of Tanuku. It was painful to see people not valuing the importance of Ayurveda and considering this as an alternative science. But the determination to bring awareness to the people only grew strong day by day. I am very happy that Ayurveda chose me as one of its ambassador, to do my best to the society. Life is not just about receiving your blessings, but about giving back, too!

Few words about your Guru

Dr. Viswanadha Sharma, our beloved former Principal and a legend. He saw the potential in us, what we could not figure out by ourselves and encouraged us to study and absorb Ayurvedic principles better.

Dr. B Vaidyanadhan of IMPCOPS, a very close friend of my father  and who taught us the nuances of looking at everything and decoding into pancha mahabhuthas and integrating with the clinical  practice.

Personal Vision

I want to bring in the awareness about how deep and scientific the Ayurvedic system of medicine is and make people come to Ayurveda as a first and popular choice.

Message to Youngsters

Be patient is my personal advice; patience in understanding and analysing the diseases and prescription and understanding a disease from an Ayurvedic perspective. Do not try to fit into the allopathic window and fail. Focus on giving your best. Every day is a learning process.

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