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The Journey of Mooligaimani Siddha Healthcare


Dr.A.R.Kannappar belonged to a hereditary Siddha physicians family popularly known as Kaapukara Vaidyars in Arcot region meaning Royal physicians.His grand father Vaidyar Ayyavoo Mudaliyar and father Vaidyar Ramakrishna Mudaliyar were well known for their Nadi examination skills and treating Skin diseases.Dr.Kannappar had great passion for Siddha medicine even though the colonial and post colonial period was a great set back to the system.He moved to Vellore and started his humble Murugan Vaidya Salai.Along with his practice he wrote articles in Dinamani every week about native herbs and their uses in a fascinating style which brought about a tremendous change among people and renewed the interest for native medicine.In 1964 he founded Mooligaimani a Tamil monthly magazine dedicated for Siddha medicine.His writings were revolutionary during the times of Indian independence which promoted the use of Swadesi medicine and contributed to the renaissance of Siddha medicine.Soon Mooligaimani became a household magazine in every Tamil home for self reliance with Siddha medicine in a time when the western medicine wave took over people aggressively.After him Dr.Venkatesan carried the Siddha Vaidya tradition and continued to publish Mooligaimani,spreading awareness about Siddha medicine for decades till 2021.During his time he contributed at large towards the social and structural development of the system.

He held several posts in the government committees and was instrumental in establishing government policies and key educational institutions for Siddha medicine.He fought for the registration of 4000 hereditary Siddha Vaidyars and successfully completed the task.After serving the society and system for 5 generations we proudly witness the widespread social awareness and acceptance of the our native medicine despite several challenges.Today we are committed to taking Siddha medicine across the globe as our new mission.Dr.K.V.Abirami(Siddha Physician),Dr.K.V.Balaji(Research and development),Dr.K.V.Ajitha Porkodi( Pathologist and Integrated medicine) now as Team Modern Siddha carry the baton forward.

Details of Ancestors

Generations of Vaidhyas

Arcot, Vellore, Kanchipuram

Kappukara Vaidyar Ayyavoo Mudaliyar


Skin diseases, 

Sexually transmitted diseases

Recognitions & Awards

Royal physician to the Arcot nawab

Arcot, Vellore, Kanchipuram

Kappukara Vaidyar Ramakrishna Mudaliyar


Skin diseases,

Sexually transmitted diseases

Recognitions & Awards

Royal physician to the Arcot nawab

Vellore Kanchipuram

MooligaiMani Dr.A.R.Kannappar


Apart from the inherited legacy he was a revolutionary writer and founded Mooligaimani a Tamil monthly magazine exclusively for spreading awareness about Siddha medicine

Recognitions & Awards

Editor MooligaiMani Father of Siddha renaissance in the post colonial period,

Published several books on Siddha medicine

Tamilnadu, Singapore, Malaysia

MooligaiMani Dr.K.Venkatesa


Editor of Mooligaimani for over 50 years ,
Served for the Siddha fraternity by sculpting various policies and institutions,
Popularised Siddha to the masses by print media,Radio and Television,First person to be awarded a PhD in Siddha by Madras University

Recognitions & Awards

Editor MooligaiMani, Founder Modern Siddha Clinic and hospital, Founder
Sri Mooligaimani Pharmacy

Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem



Combining modern advancements to Siddha tradition in treating challenging diseases specially Viral hepatitis,
Auto immune conditions,Cancer,Infertility

Recognitions & Awards

Editor MooligaiMani Chief Physician Modern Siddha Clinic

The Vision statement of Institution


To propogate Siddha medicine as the gift of good health and longevity to Mankind

A Memory that's etched deeply in the journey


Hearing from rural or marginalised people how Mooligaimani books helped them for good health when any other medical help was inaccessible or failed.The instances are numerous.Our readers are our energizers.

Torch Bearer

The glory of Siddha medicine is yet to be unearthed to its full potential and the need for modern scientific interpretation is becoming inevitable for global acceptance.Feeling blessed and hugely responsible!

Your inspiration to choose Ayurveda

Grew up with raw drugs and medical books all around.Its the passion that propels forwards every time.Its a knowledge treasure we want to share with the entire world.When everything fails Siddha medicine heals.

Few words about your Guru

Father and Guru Dr.Venkatesan from whom I learnt for an entire lifetime.

Personal Vision

To take Siddha medicine across the world beyond the India and Indians!

Message to Youngsters

Time is in your favour Make the best of it!

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