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The Journey of Jammi Pharmceuticals Pvt. Ltd.


Jammi’s Wellness Clinic owes its existence to a brilliant Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr. Jammi Venkataramanayya who started his practice way back in 1890 at Vijaynagaram, Andhra Pradesh. Dr Jammi was a Sanskrit Scholar with a strong desire and passion to serve people. He was invited to Chennai in 1927 by Dr T.S. Tirumurthy, Principal of Stanley Medical College and he set up his clinic in Chennai soon after.

The clinic started in 1949 as Jammi’s Livercure clinic and was well known for the treatment of many liver and spleen diseases for children, which was an epidemic at that time. Dr. Jammi Venkataramanayya, the founder of the company had painstakingly developed Ayurvedic formulations to tackle these diseases. Jammi’s Livercure for infantile liver disorders, Jammi’s Whooco for whooping cough and Jammi’s Nutritone for digestive disorders were few of his patented medicines.

We have been at the forefront of Ayurveda in India in the following areas: Respiratory, Digestive, Hepatic complaints and diseases, Immunity-related health problems, Hematological maladies, Stress-induced ailments, Renal function impairment, Weight-loss remedies and other common diseases. Blending science and tradition has always been synonymous with Jammi Pharmaceuticals. The directors are western-trained Ph.D.s and postdoctoral fellows with extensive experience in Molecular Biology and Cell Biology. We have harmonized research methodologies of Western science with traditional Ayurvedic formulations. All our medicines are carefully formulated, processed and tested as per the guidelines. Many of our products are comprehensive blends of many whole herbs, whole roots and nanoparticles. We do not just focus on selling medicines, but we believe in going the extra mile to educate our customers and patients on how Ayurveda works, how our medicines help you, who should be taking and when & how these medicines should be taken. 

Through social media, blogs and forums, we make an effort to simplify this traditional science of Ayurveda for the common man. We believe this natural and holistic age-old system of medication is not just an alternative form of treatment but is the ONLY natural way to Absolute Wellness, especially for maladies like stress, blood pressure, anxiety, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.

Details of Ancestors

Generations of Vaidhyas

Viziangaram, Chennai, Kumbhakonam

Dr. Jammi Venkataranaayya


Liver & Spleen Diseases, Balarogas and General Health

Vizianagaram, Chennai

Dr. J.B.L. Narasimham


Liver & Spleen Diseases, Balarogas and General Health

1918 to present

Dr. Jammi Venkataramana


Liver & Spleen Diseases, Balarogas and General Health

2012 to present

Dr. Narasimham V. Jammi


Liver & Spleen Diseases, Balarogas and General Health

Recognitions & Awards
Icons of Tamil Nadu from the Govt of Tamil Nadu during Covid

The Vision statement of Institution


Our Vision is to harness modern science to actively promote Ayurveda as mainstream medicine. We aim to be the pioneers of integrative healthcare in India.

A Memory that's etched deeply in the journey


My great grandfather Jammi Venkataramanayya Pantulu garu once had invited a few Brahmins for his father’s shraaddha. As was the custom in those days, my great grandfather washed the feet of one of the aged Brahmins as part of the ritual. After doing so, he requested the old Brahmin to go home and rest as the food preparations would still take time. While the Brahmin went home, he quickly sent word to his son to come and meet him. He informed the old Brahmin’s son to go home and make preparations because his father had less than two hours to live as his pulse beat in his foot was very weak. Indeed, the old Brahmin passed away in less than 2 hours. Such was the genius of my great-grandfather. I feel it a privilege to be part of this legacy.

Torch Bearer

My personal vision is no different from the company’s vision. I would like to be recognized as the man who promoted the scientific aspects of Ayurveda. People should first choose Ayurveda as the preferential mode of treatment.

Your inspiration to choose Ayurveda

I grew up in a family filled with Ayurvedic vaidyas. To me it felt like this is what I was meant to do. I just chose a different path to get here. I am trained in the western sciences and during my research I found that the drugs we discovered and formulated did more harm than good. It was therefore a natural segue for me to use my talents and knowledge and ply that to the Ayruvedic field.

Few words about your Guru

Late Sri 1008 Vijnyananidhi Tirtha Swamiji, ex- Mathadhipathi of Sripadaraja Matha, Mulabagal, Karnataka, a master practitioner of Ayurveda

Sri 1008 Sri Satyatma Tirtha Swamiji, Mathadhipathi of Sri Uttaradi Matha

Personal Vision

I feel that we need to encourage youngsters to take up Ayurveda as a serious discipline of study. The nation and indeed the world will benefit more from Ayurveda than any other system of medicine. We must also not shy away from answering difficult questions that the allopathic community will pose. They are coming at us from a position of insecurity as well as superiority (though contradictory, it makes sense if we think about it). And we must take up the challenge to address their sincere and honest queries to the best of our abilities. I am uniquely positioned to do this due to my background in Molecular Pharmacology and Biological Chemistry. During my lifetime, I would like to see an integrative approach to healthcare.

Message to Youngsters

It may be extremely difficult to follow the dinacharya routines of Ayurveda with the present day distractions and attractions. However, it is eminently possible to do a series of small routines and practices to ensure the overall health of both the body and the environment (example – use Ayurvedic tooth powder instead of toothpaste). Likewise, use Rasayanas instead of vitamins. Spend time outdoors instead of the gym. Use ghee. Don’t worry about eating rice. Everything in moderation.

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