Dr.Deevi Dhanvantari

Vamsha Vaidhya Award Winner

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The Journey of Dhanvantari Ayurveda Chikistsalayam


Lakshmanacharyulu garu an Ayurveda physician once Walked by a road and observed that the kingof a particular Zameen (kingdom) was passing behind him on the same road. At that time the king spits on the road while passing, this was noticed by the Lakshmanacharyulu garu, who called one of the king’s assistants and told him that his king will be thirsty after 15 minutes at that time you should give him sesame oil instead of water. Right after the time was told by the physician, the king felt thirsty and one of the assistants conveyed the same to the king he ordered to bring the person to him and the physician confirmed that he saw blood in his saliva and told him that you are suffering from tuberculosis. So the king ordered him to stay till he recover completely.

The king then after his successful treatment appointed Lakshmanacharyulu garu as the Raja Vaidya. The below dynasty started from there on. The king has then given a few temples and land for the physician to continue his profession (cultivation(sedyam), medical practicing(vaidyam), and Worshipping god (Naivedyam). Usually at any Place right after school and temple that place will grow. but at the place of the present institution, after Lakshmanacharyulu garu started his practice at vanamakuru(present Vanukuru), the whole place was grown with people and schools.

The success of our institution happened when we started giving more importance to qualitative preparations which led us to quality treatment that increased the area of exposure to treat more patients. For example, people from different areas taking monthly treatments have increased to different districts and from districts to different states. it eventually grew to a stage where politicians are also now taking treatment on monthly basis. Students from the government ayurvedic college, Vijayawada usually comes here for their house surgeon internship for learning different methodologies and preparations at our institution.

Details of Ancestors

Generations of Vaidhyas


Dr. Deevi LakshmanaCharyulu


Raja Vaidya

1848- 1898

Dr. Deevi Bhuma Panthulu
1898- 1968

Dr. Deevi Venkatacharyulu


Raja Vaidya

Recognitions & Awards

Gold Medalist in Rasa preparations, Author of kalyana karakam
(description of diseases and treatment)

1925- 2003

Dr. Deevi Lakshamanacharyulu
1947- in progress

Dr. Deevi Dhanvantari
1999- in progress

Dr. Deevi Maruthi

The Vision statement of Institution


We insure the health of the patients

A Memory that's etched deeply in the journey


Hard work of our forefathers to develop the institution

Torch Bearer

To prolong my services to the upcoming generations to come to ensure people’s health

Your inspiration to choose Ayurveda

Ayurveda being the “science of life” has inspired me to take it.

Few words about your Guru

My father (Dr. Deevi Dhanvantri), and my grandfather (Dr. Deevi Lakshmanacharyulu garu)

Personal Vision

To carry the legacy of our dynasty to ensure healthy life for people

Message to Youngsters

Follow your elders and work hard to build a healthy nation

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