Dr. D G K S Ayyangar

Vamsha Vaidhya Award Winner

Category: Vamsha Vibhushan

The Journey of Sri Srinivasa Clinic


All my ancestral generations were my inspiration to learn Ayurveda. Being born into a Doctor’s family, I was also fascinated towards Moolika Vaidyam. After my schooling, I went up to my Guru Sri Deevi Bhargava Gopala Krishnama Charylu, learnt Ayurveda and secured the title of Vaidya Vidwaan. In the early days of my career, I undertook apprenticeship under my Guru Sri Deevi Bhargava Gopala Krishnama Charylu. Later, I came to my native place and started practising. Till my father’s generation, the medication and treatment used to be a door-to-door service.

Later, the situation changed and I started a clinic – Sri Srinivasa Clinic, in the year of 1982. Initially, I was using only Ayurveda for treatment. Later, the medication took a paradigm shift. I got trained in Allopathy and started practising both Ayurveda and Allopathy. I am the Vice-president of the Universal Society for Ayurveda and I am also a member of IMCOPS and Sri Ram Mohana Ayurveda.

As I give importance to Ayurveda, I give medication for infertility and long-term chronic diseases. I have seen wonderful recoveries and gained goodwill in no time at my place. By using Moolika Vaidyam, I have continued doing Pumsamana Prakriya which got me phenomenal results.

Details of Ancestors

Generations of Vaidhyas

Life Time

Deevi Ayodya Charyulu


Ayurveda & Moolika Vaidyam

Life Time

Deevi Narasimha Charuyulu


Ayurveda & Moolika Vaidyam

Life Time

Deevi Gopala Krishnama Charylu


Ayurveda & Moolika Vaidyam

1945 – 2020

Deevi Sesha Charyulu


Kaya Kalpa chikitsa

1982 to till now
Atkuru, Avutapalli

Deevi Gopala Krishna Srinivasa Ayyangar


Infertility, Skin Disease & long-term Chronic Diseases, colocynths

Recognitions & Awards

Vice President of Universal Society for Ayurveda, Titled as 

Apara Dhanwantari by ABBM.

The Vision statement of Institution


My vision is to spread Ayurveda as much as I can and serve everyone at a low cost with better treatment.

A Memory that's etched deeply in the journey


It’s difficult to pick one as every challenging case leads to a different experience. There are many such cases, but my milestone cases which I cherish for lifetime are below:

  • When I had 5 years of experience, I got a case of Tetanus, wherein the patient was in a very scary condition. I used only Ayurveda to treat the patient and successfully cured him with just oil massages and steam baths with Rasa Aushadhas. With the success of this case, people started laying greater trust on Ayurveda at my place.
  • I have cured consanguineous marriage-related diseases and have been successful.

Torch Bearer

I have been watching my entire life, people going with the flow and the trend around. But during the time of COVID, everyone started speaking about our ancient practices for a healthy life, which we normally follow in our daily routine. I wondered why this was considered so special when we follow this in our day-to-day life, for instance: consuming organic healthy food.

Your inspiration to choose Ayurveda

I want to continue the legacy of our ancestors. I strongly believe that Ayurveda is inherited in our families. My Guru Sri Deevi Bhargava Gopala Krishnama Charylu has always been an inspiration for me to choose this path. I understood the prominence of Ayurveda at an early age, and continued to learn and gain experience.

Few words about your Guru

My Guru Sri Deevi Bhargava Gopala Krishnama Charylu. I will remain indebted to him for my entire life. I have learnt from him not just Ayurveda but the way of life, the way he treats everyone, Swamy Kainkaram in temple, making of medicines, etc.

Guru Sri Paramkusam Sreenivasa Charylu. He is my father-in-law. I learnt diagnosing diseases from him. He taught me yoga for a better life, how to cook medicines and use of simple remedies for a healthy life.
Guru Pandita Sri Deevi Gopala Charyulu, is an inspiration and Wikipedia for me. I refer Madhava Nidhanam for every solution in critical cases that I come across.

Guru Sri Deevi Gopala Charyulu, MBBS Kankipadu. He taught me allopathy and gave me lot of advice for the cure of critical ailments.
Guru Sri Deevi Murali Gopala Charyulu. I learnt Agamam from him.
Last but not least, my Cousin and my fellow student and colleague, Sri Deevi Chinmaya Radha Krishna, who always stood by my side in my thick and thin.


Personal Vision

Eat healthy & stay fit and spread Ayurvedic practices around.

Message to Youngsters

Aim is to preserve our ancestral treasure (Ayurveda), which is being ignored these days. We should spread Ayurveda for a long-lasting healthy life. We should change our thought process and be the change that we wish to see in our society. We need to follow rituals like celebrating the Dhanvatri Vratham.

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