Dr.Dasadi Avinaash Kumar

Vamsha Vaidhya Award Winner

Category: Vamsha Vibhushan

Dr. Dasadi Avinash kumar

Sri Gayathri Ayurvedic clinic

The Journey of Sri Gayathri Ayurvedic clinic


My journey with Ayurveda is aspiring beautiful and eternal satisfying, by serving different diseases and peoples, I struggle a lot to learn every bite by being part off my family members and there professionals,
Many many great miracles happened in journey while serving Ayurveda, god’s grace and blessings.
Particularly skin disease ( psoriasis ) gangrene, eczema and etc.
Gynaecological disorders , arthritis, respiratory , liver, thyroid, heart ,vertigo, vericose and sexual disorders.

Details of Ancestors

Generations of Vaidhyas


Dasadi venkatiah



Dasadi Rajaiah


55 Years of practice

Dasadi lingayya

Rajavaidyam, nadi vaidyam

30 Years of practice

D. Viyay kumar
25 Years of practice

D. Avinash kumar
dasadi avinash scoll
Lingaiah grand Father

The Vision statement of Institution


Dear , since many years working on different unique Ayurvedic preparations, too come out with new innovations ( all ready invented) but yet to be exposed, greatness safety and unique nature ( made in India) products , that world should praise Ayurveda , sanatana dharma , heritage and culture of India.
1. Creation off a Ayurvedic contraceptive pills , contraceptive pissaries ,and suppositories .
2. Unique preparations for vericose disorders, cardiovascular related,
3. Weight reduction, pure herbals based fat burners, slimming medicines , without any exercises.
4. Permanent hair remover
5. Gynaecological complications ( fertility related).

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